Forest Industry & Wood Products

The region’s well-developed and diverse forest industry is built on good access to high quality timber and virgin fiber, state-of-the-art processes, and world-class industrial expertise. The industry includes the entire chain from forest to pulp, paper, packaging, wood products and excellent logistical infrastructure to deliver goods to regional or global markets.


Gävleborg is the most forested region in Sweden, with 79 percent of its area covered by forest. The region has a long-tradition of capitalizing on this natural resource and world-leading state-of-the-art forest and timber, wood products and pulp and paper industries have developed over the past 100 years. Gävleborg’s forest industry also provides various biofuels, which are primarily used as a fuel for district heating and private homes, but also as an alternative diesel vehicle fuel (pine oil).

Paper and packaging industry


With good access to high quality natural resources, Gävleborg has a long history of producing paper and packaging for regional and global markets. Gävleborg’s paper and packaging industry has evolved to focus on producing premium and prestige products, which are of the highest quality in the world.

A large quantity of pulp for the manufacture of paper is currently exported from Gävleborg to countries in Europe. There is consequently large potential to utilize pulp within Gävleborg to produce paper related products.

Iggesund Paperboard

Iggesund Paperboard is part of the Holmen Group and is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high quality virgin fibre paperboard for packaging and graphics applications. The company has been based in Iggesund since 1685, and the town is still home to the Iggesund Paperboard’s headquarters and paperboard operations, where it employs over 900 people.

The Iggesund mill is one of the most advanced, fully integrated pulp and paperboard mills in the world. The company invests heavily in its production processes to attract and retain customers with the highest quality requirements. Invercote paperboard is produced in Iggesund, which is customised for various end-user applications and sold to over 100 countries around the world. Invercote is often used as high quality prestige packaging, such as champagne bottle and cosmetics packaging.

Iggesund Paperboard considers access to high quality raw materials and low employee turnover as the primary benefits of being located in Iggesund and Gävleborg.


BillerudKorsnäs is a leading provider of renewable packaging material and, together with their partners, create smarter packaging solutions that increase profits, excite millions of consumers and contribute to a sustainable future for generations to come.

BillerudKorsnäs has built up its operations in Gävle since 1899. At the company’s Gävle mill there is a long tradition and broad knowledge of the noble art of papermaking. Cross-functional teams work continuously to improve processes and make the entire production process more efficient. This goes hand in hand with finding new possibilities for paper and new opportunities for our customers to make use of increasingly smart packaging solutions.

BillerudKorsnäs employs approximately 4,300 people worldwide, including around 900 in Gävle. Gävle mill’s location on the Gävleborg coast ensures it has good access to the raw materials it requires.

Wood products industry

Gävleborg’s established forest industry includes the entire chain from forest to finished product and excellent infrastructure to deliver goods to regional or global markets. Further potential exists to develop new forest-based products with higher added value, as the region currently exports large quantities of raw materials abroad where they are converted into high value products. 


The wood products industry is a major employer in Gävleborg, particularly in the north and western areas where a number of small and medium-sized companies convert natural timber into high-value products, such as furniture, flooring and building materials. Gävleborg’s wood products are delivered throughout Sweden and abroad.



AB Edsbyverken

Edsbyverken develops, manufactures, markets and delivers furniture for offices and public buildings. The company is based in Edsbyn, Ovanåker municipality, where it is a major employer with around 270 employees in total. Facilities in Edsbyn include a 40,000 m2 high-tech production facility. Edsbyverken is a market leader in customized office furniture and annually supplies furniture for around 60,000 workstations in Sweden and abroad. Over 75 percent of Edsbyverken’s products are certified according to the Nordic Swan eco-label.

NEFAB Packaging Sweden

NEFAB is a global company that provides complete packaging solutions, including wood-based packaging. The company was founded in Alfta, and is now a global company. NEFAB still has operations in Alfta as well as a production facility in Gävle.

Nordanå trä AB

Nordanå Trä (Wood) AB, in Alfta, is one of Sweden’s leading short plank sawmills, with 35 years of experience. The company sources the finest quality pine and fir locally. Nordanå trä’s mill uses state-of-the-art techniques to meet specific customer requirements. Over 75 percent of products are exported to countries, such as Japan, Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK.

Forest biofuel industry

Gävleborg has an established forest biofuel industry that is made up of numerous large and small forestry companies, energy companies and road and rail transport providers. Biofuels produced in the region include firewood, wood chips, wood pellets, pine oil (made from pulp industry by-products) and peat. Forest ash recycling is actively encouraged in the region to promote forest health and sustainability. The industry is active throughout Gävleborg and meets an increasing demand for forest biofuels from domestic and industrial clients in Gävleborg and central Sweden.


BILOF (Bioenergi och Logistiknätverk i ekonomisk förening) is a regional network association based in Gävleborg that promotes the forest biofuel industry and its associated logistics providers. The association acts as an industry network and a centre for biofuel knowledge and competence, which arranges seminars, training and study visits.


Neova is Scandinavia’s leading bio energy company, which produces wood, pellets and peat fuel in Gävleborg. The company has its headquarters in Hudiksvall, and two pellets factories – in främlingshem near Gävle and south of Söderhamn. The company has around 40 permanent employees and over 40 seasonal workers each year.