Childcare and schooling

Sweden is one of the best countries in the world in which to be a child, according to UNICEF. Almost all schools in Sweden, both public and private, are free. The basic education consists of a nine-year compulsory school and a voluntary three-year secondary school.

Optional Pre-school (1-5 years old)
Pre-school is an educational service for groups of children, aged 1-5 years. Pre-schools are generally open all year round and for much of the working day. Pre-schools in Sweden are typically very flexible, to suit parents' work and/or study hours, or the needs of the children. Pre-schools in Sweden provide affordable childcare as they are heavily subsidized by the state. 

port14_web.jpgCompulsory school (6-16 years old)
Tuition in all public schools is free of charge, and generally pupils and their parents will not be charged for books, school meals, health care, or for school transport. Children living more than 6 kilometers from school are given a free bus pass, and those living too far from a bus stop are offered free transport by taxi to and from school. The school year runs from August to June.

Secondary school (16-19 years old)
Most pupils continue their studies at a high school or upper secondary school (gymnasiet) after they have completed their compulsory schooling. The Swedish high school/upper secondary school system offers a wide range of three-year programs designed to qualify the pupil for either:
• a three-year vocational diploma (preparing the student for employment in a number occupational fields in manual or practical activities, traditionally non-academic and related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation),
• or acceptance into independent adult education colleges, higher vocational education, and/or universities and colleges.
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University and college
More than one-third of all pupils in Sweden go on to university or college study within 3 years of leaving high school/upper secondary school.
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