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Innovation is actively promoted in Gävleborg by a variety of regional actors, which provide advice, create networks, build competence and offer financial support to promote regional innovation.

Several regional industry-specific innovation and R&D clusters have been established, such as Fiber Optic Valley, Future Position X (Geographical Information Systems), FindIT (Industrial IT) and Triple Steelix (Steel). In addition, there are several Gävleborg-based research institutes that promote innovation, such as the Centre for Logistics and Innovative Production (CLIP) based at the University of Gävle, and ACREO, which researches fiber optics in Hudiksvall. Movexum is Gävleborg’s business incubator, and Technology Parks in the region, such as those in Gävle, Sandviken and Söderhamn, also act as meeting places and incubators for innovation.

Public Private Partnerships
Gävleborg’s municipal-owned energy, waste and water companies have a long history of collaborating to find solutions together with the private sector. Recent Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) include highly effective waste management and energy solutions that have been lucrative for both public and private partners.