Skilled work force

Colleges and Universities in the region provide business-focused educational courses, and specialized higher vocational education for both young people and adults.

Public and private employers work together with schools and other regional actors to ensure that future labor requirements are met. In addition, a newly established competence forum in Gävleborg liaises with various schools, and public and private employers to achieve the same goal.

The University of Gävle enriches the regional workforce by attracting a high proportion of foreign students to the region, and the University has several specialist research areas, including the Built Environment and GIS (Geographical Information Systems). Uppsala University, Mid Sweden University (Sundsvall Campus) and Dalarna University are all within an hour of Gävleborg.

Higher vocational education often combines theoretical and practical studies in close cooperation with employers and industry. Programs are offered in specific fields where there is specific demand for competence. Examples of higher vocational training courses in Gävleborg include offshore wind technician, fiber optics and Geographical Information Systems.

Gävleborg is also typified by a loyal workforce and relatively lower costs compared other regions of Sweden.