Well-developed infrastructure

Gävleborg has excellent road, rail and sea infrastructure, which allows good commuting and goods transport possibilities within Gävleborg and the surrounding region. The region also has first-rate communications and fiber networks.



Road & rail
Gävleborg is served by the north-south European Route E4 highway and the east-west E16 highway. The region has a well-developed rail network, including a Stockholm-Sundsvall coastal line, a Gävle-Gothenburg line and a central line that connects Östersund and Trondheim in Norway. Regular regional trains make the 90-minute journey between Gävle and Stockholm, and many people commute to and from the Stockholm-Uppsala area. Similarly, many commute to and from Dalarna to the west and the Sundsvall area to the north.

Gävleborg has several Baltic Sea Ports, the largest of which are Gävle, Orrskärs/Söderhamn and Skutskärs. The Port of Gävle is the busiest container port on the Swedish east coast with regular freight routes to Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.

Port of Gävle: www.gavle-port.se

Sweden’s largest international airport, Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, is an hour from Gävle by either train or car.

Communications & fiber networks
Gävleborg has a well-developed communications network with 100 Gb/s capacity in some areas, high availability (99.999%) and low latency. The region has the objective to provide 95% of businesses with at least 100 Mbit/s by 2020.

Low latency to Europe

The Logistic Hub of Central Sweden Film

The Logistic Hub of Central Sweden: www.mellansverigeslogistiknav.se