Gävleborg: the optimal location for your data center

With excellent connectivity, green and low-cost energy, free cooling, world-leading ICT competence, good access to Stockholm Arlanda International Airport and a selection of well-suited sites - Gävleborg is the optimal location for your data center.

Data centers in Gävleborg benefit from both the cool climate and free cooling advantages associated with Northern Sweden, and Central Sweden ́s excellent regional connectivity and accessibility.

Gävleborg’s Key Data Center Advantages:

  • Green & inexpensive energy,
  • Robust & reliable electricity grid,
  • Excellent fiber optic connectivity & low latency,
  • Free cooling much of the year,
  • A selection of affordable sites & real estate suitable for data centers,
  • World-leading regional ICT competence
  • Proximity to Stockholm & Arlanda International Airport,
  • Political, social & geological stability.

Low-cost, green & reliable energy

Sweden has one of the lowest energy prices in Europe, and most of Gävleborg offers the lowest electricity price class in Sweden. Only green electricity is generated in Gävleborg and the region’s network has not had a major power outage since 1983. Gävleborg’s robust electricity grid and infrastructure has evolved over recent decades to meet the needs of energy intensive regional industries, such as steel and paper.

World-class connectivity

Sweden is the most connected country in the world, with 150,000 km of fiber optic networks. Gävleborg boasts a robust fiber optic network with several independent national and regional redundant networks that connect Gävleborg to Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo and Malmo/Copenhagen. The region’s fiber optic network consequently offers excellent national and international connectivity, and peering point opportunities via Netnode in Stockholm and Sundsvall, which is the largest Internet exchange Point (IXP) in Scandinavia. Gävleborg’s fiber network also offers plenty of bandwidth capacity and dark fiber, and the comprehensive nature of the network ensures that fiber is never more than a kilometer from populated areas.

Low latency to Europe

Cool climate & free cooling

Low average annual temperatures of between 2 and 6 °C (35-43 °F) provide free data center cooling throughout much of the year, which can significantly reduce data center operating costs.

World-leading regional ICT competence

Gävleborg is home to a variety of ICT organizations and clusters that offer specialist competence related to data centers. Acreo, Future Position X, Fiber Optic Valley and FindIT, for example, are all based in Gävleborg.

Various specialist education programs offered in the region ensure a high concentration of people skilled in areas related to data centers. Specific education programs include network and broadband training offered by Iftac in Hudiksvall, and IT and Telecommunications degrees offered by the University of Gävle.

Secure & stable

Sweden is associated with democracy and peace, and is one of the most politically, socially and economically stable countries in the world. Sweden also has very low seismic activity, with minimal risk of earthquakes.

Available sites

Gävleborg has a wide selection of development-ready greenfield and brownfield sites suitable for data centers. Rock shelter sites are also available to provide high-security data storage. 

Regional Development Grants

Parts of Gävleborg are within regional development areas where businesses can be eligible for development grants. 

Acreo Swedish ICT AB

Acreo is one of Europe's top research institutes that provide cutting-edge research within the fields of electronics, optics and communication technologies. In Hudiksvall, Acreo has particular focus on fiber optics, communications technologies, and broadband testbeds.


Fibre Optic Valley – Connecting Ideas. Creating business.

Fiber Optic Valley is an organization based in Hudiksvall that works to make Sweden the world leader in the development of broadband and fiber optic sensor products and services. Fiber Optic Valley assists the growth of regional and global companies by providing research, training, financing, contacts and business development.