Wind_Turbine_web.jpgWind energy & associated supply chain

SEK 40 billion will be invested in the industry and over 1,400 wind turbines will be constructed in Gävleborg in the next 10 years. This investment represents significant business opportunities for landowners, wind turbine component suppliers, construction companies and maintenance providers. Invest in Gävleborg provides information about specific business opportunities and organizes study visits to regional projects and partners.

Wind energy projects are currently being carried out in all 10 Gävleborg municipalities. Companies establishing wind parks in Gävleborg include Eolus Vind, AriseWindpower, O2, Ownpower and Samkraft Vind, which is a cooperation between the various municipal owned energy companies in the region. WPD are in the process of developing off shore wind farms off the coast of Söderhamn (Storgrundet) and Gävle (Finngrundet), together with Samkraft Vind and other partners.

There is large potential to construct wind parks in forested areas. For example, Arise Windpower has recently developed a 203 MW 66 turbine wind park in Jädraås, Ockelbo municipality. The wind park is already one of Europe’s largest onshore wind farms, and the company has permission to built 116 wind turbines on the site in total. The site has a high altitude with excellent wind conditions.

Film: Jädraås - one of Europe's largest onshore wind farms:


Wind industry supply chain in Gävleborg

A 2009 assessment by Region Gävleborg highlighted that many companies in the region provide products and services to the wind industry, and many more have shown interest in becoming involved in wind by increasing their knowledge of the industry.

A list of companies in Gävleborg with experience of supporting the regional wind industry can be found on the Swedish Wind Industry Database (SWID) website.

Gävleborg’s steel industry and its supply chain manufactures important components for wind turbines, for example SKF Coupling Systems in Hofors. There are several other Gävleborg-based companies that supply mechanisms and instruments for the wind industry, such as In Situ Instrument AB, which is a world-leading manufacturer of wind measuring instruments that is based in Ockelbo.

Wind turbine operation and maintenance

Gävleborg has a diverse engineering and construction base made up largely of smaller companies, which can provide wind turbine operation and maintenance services.

SKF Coupling Systems

SKF Coupling Systems in Hofors is the prime supplier of oil-powered couplings to the major global wind turbine manufacturers. The company employs around 70 people at its production facility in Hofors and benefits from close cooperation with a range of large and small suppliers in the town.

In Situ Instrument AB

In Situ Instrument is a world-leading manufacturer of wind measuring instruments that is based in Ockelbo. The company employs around 15 people at its facilities in Ockelbo.

Triple Steelix

Triple Steelix is a cluster that works to strengthen the already successful steel industry in Gävleborg and Dalarna. The cluster builds networks, organises industry meetings and seminars, provides financial support and manages projects that aim to develop the industry. Triple Steelix also works with the entire steel industry and its supply chain to support the research and development of successful products and services.