February 15th, 2019

Workshop identifies Gävleborg’s investment promotion priority areas

Invest in Gävleborg held its second investment promotion workshop this week together with Business Sweden and stakeholders from the region to refine Gävleborg’s offering to foreign companies.

The workshop built on work from an initial workshop in November to suggest four investment promotion priority areas to focus on going forward. These three areas were identified as they offer significant opportunities for foreign investors in Gävleborg.

Our three suggested investment promotion priority areas are:

Data Centers - with affordable and 100% renewable energy, and world-class connectivity, Gävleborg offers the perfect location to establish a data center.

Materials - with an abundant supply of forest-based renewable resources and leading innovation clusters, Gävleborg offers excellent opportunities to establish processing facilities for products such as biofuels, bioplastics and construction materials.
Manufacturing - Gävleborg is home to well-established advanced manufacturing and an emerging world-leading additive manufacturing hub that present significant related investment opportunities.

Our three priority areas are alligned with some of Business Sweden's focus areas. This will ensure we can draw on the support and expertise of Business Sweden as we further develop these areas.

Invest in Gävleborg reflects on the workshop

“The three areas we have identified will be further developed and refined over the next few months,” says Sam Cole, Business Development Manager. “This work is part of our more proactive approach to investment promotion here in Gävleborg together with our municipal partners and Business Sweden.”

The second Gävleborg investment promotion workshop was held in Gävle on February 13, 2018. Watch this space for more details on Gävleborg’s new focus areas in 2019.

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