November 30th, 2018

Workshop drives proactive investment promotion in Gävleborg

Invest in Gävleborg held an investment promotion workshop this week together with Business Sweden and stakeholders from the region to refine Gävleborg’s offering to foreign companies.

Toward a more proactive approach

The workshop gathered together representatives from the national, regional and municipality levels to discuss how actors can work together to more proactively attract foreign companies to Gävleborg. All ten of Gävleborg’s municipalities were represented at the workshop, together with strategic regional functions at Region Gävleborg, Invest in Gävleborg and Francisca Herodes from Business Sweden.

Refining Gävleborg’s foreign investment offering

The meeting was the first of two workshops to refine Gävleborg’s offering to foreign companies and mobilize all relevant regional stakeholders to work together. The second workshop in February 2019, will prioritize which of Gävleborg’s investment profiles we will develop an in-depth value proposition for.

Our reflections on the workshop

“Focus and regional cooperation are obviously key factors to succeed in attracting investments,” says Per Brykt, Business Development Manager at Invest in Gävleborg. “These workshops will ensure that we focus our efforts on areas where we have a real competitive advantage to attract foreign companies to our region.”

“The willingness demonstrated by regional actors to share information and cooperate across municipality borders in Gävleborg is hugely encouraging, and I am eagerly looking forward to the next meeting in February,” continues Brykt. “In that workshop we will take the next step in identifying our advantages in selected focus areas and decide how we will work together to take advantage of Business Sweden’s global network.” 

The first workshop was held in Högbo on November 26, 2018. Watch this space for more details on Gävleborg’s new focus areas in 2019.

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