October 4th, 2017

Two new prefabrication house factories in Gävleborg

The new factories in Kilafors and Gävle are capitalizing on Gävleborg’s good access to high quality timber, excellent logistical and transport infrastructure and an available well-trained workforce with experience in wooden house production.

Liljestrand Group invests in Kilafors

The new factory at Björnnäsudden in Kilafors is planning to be operational by the end of the year. Liljestrand Group AB is investing in the site and is planning to initially employ 15-25 people. "Such an investment is excellent for the local area," says local councilor Marie Centerwall.

"Once we have set up our organization and see our actual capacity, we hope to employ around 30 people – both managers, finance staff, carpenters and industrial workers," says Stefan Liljestrand, CEO of Liljestrand Group AB.

The company already has full order bookings for next year, and will produce the components to build 30 new houses in the first half of 2018.

The company chose to invest in Kilafors due to its strategic location. "The other reason we are investing here is the good access to labor," says Liljestrand. The investment has been carried out in close cooperation with Bollnäs municipality and the local business investment office.

Grännäs Trähus invests in Gävle

Grännäs Trähus has signed a lease to rent an industrial site in Gävle for the production of prefabricated timber houses.

The new production plant in a Gävle industrial area is in the process of recruiting up to 35 people for the site, and will gradually expand operations from the fourth quarter of 2017. Gävle has excellent logistical and transport infrastructure, good access to high quality raw materials and there is an available well-trained workforce with experience in wooden house production.

Grännäs Trähus, a company within the K2A Group, already has one other production facility, and the company’s total capacity will be estimated at 1,000 houses per year when the Gävle factory is fully up and running. 

"The acquisition of Grännäs Trähus has enabled us to gain control over the entire production chain," says Johan Knaust, CEO of K2A.

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