January 20th, 2014

Two companies in Bollnäs municipality are Sweden’s largest manufacturers of heavy vehicle trailers in 2013

Two heavy vehicle trailer manufacturers in Bollnäs municipality, Gävleborg, topped the list for the number of trailers manufactured and registered in Sweden in 2013.

The Swedish Transport Administrations (Trafikverket) statistics on manufactured and registered heavy vehicle trailers in 2013 show that Parator Industri AB, based outside Bolnäs, topped the list of companies in Sweden with 97 trailers. Kilafors Industri AB in Kilafors (Bollnäs municipality) was ranked in second place with 91 trailers.

Many of the heavy vehicle trailers manufactured by Parator and Kilafors are special orders to meet the needs of particular companies. Parator was established in 1994 and employs 35 people at its factory. Kilafors Industri has in the industry longer with around 50 employees.

Learn more about Parator Industri AB on their website:

Source: http://helahalsingland.se/bollnas/kilafors/1.6729002-bollnas-storst-pa-slap