October 16th, 2012

Sweden’s Generator conference (cultural and creative industry conference) to be held in Gävle on 26-27 November 2012

Several studies have identified Sweden as the world’s most creative country. A high degree of tolerance, transparency and a widespread use of technology, along with an ample supply of competent people are some of Sweden’s success factors.

The 2012 Generator conference in Gävle intends to discuss how Sweden can continue to be at the creative forefront and develop Sweden’s world-leading creative industries. Creativity, innovation and leadership are three important foundations for this work, which are to be themes of the 2012 Generator conference in Gävle.

Creativity: innovation, ingenuity and uniqueness – courage to do what no one has done before. How can creativity be stimulated?

Innovation: new services, products and businesses can drive the development of a more sustainable society. How do we take more initiatives from idea to market?

Leadership: a society with more creative and innovative individuals, companies and organizations places new demands on leadership. How can new forms of leadership be developed?

The conference is to identify visions for the future and to discuss how cultural and creative industries should be promoted and strengthened in the future. Conference participants will also have the opportunity to sample a selection of artistic experiences, in order to demonstrate what cultural and creative industries have to offer.

The Generator Team looks forward to seeing you in Gävle on 26 th and 27 th November!

Information about conference registration, the conference program, speakers, and travel and accommodation can be found at: