January 15th, 2014

Proposed 1 TWh wind park set to benefit local businesses in Söderhamn

A new wind park is planned in Ödmården, Söderhamn, which will annually generate up to 1 TWh and benefit local businesses.

The potential business opportunities related to the proposed wind park in Ödmården have been announced to local companies by Bergvik Skog, who intend to develop the site. The Ödmården wind park is expected to cost SEK 3.5 billion to construct and will include 98 turbines. Bergvik Skog is currently awaiting planning approval, with construction expected to begin in 2016 and electricity generation in 2017.

Bergvik Skog hopes to involve many local companies in the project in order to maximize benefit to the local economy and create additional employment opportunities in Söderhamn.

Bo Eriksson, CEO for the IT company Koneo, views the proposed wind park at Ödmården as an opportunity to boost earnings and employ new members of staff. “We will be able to offer local support during construction, and even during the operation of the wind park,” says Bo Eriksson.

Source: http://helahalsingland.se/soderhamn/1.6715041-vindkraftverk-kan-ge-500-jobb