February 27th, 2014

New hotel to be constructed at the Järvsöbacken ski resort

The planned 60 million SEK sport hotel is an important step forward for Järvsö’s tourist development, and is the first large investment of several that are under development in Järvsö.

Järvsöbacken is a ski resort situated in Järvsö village. The resort has 19 downhill ski slopes that cater for all levels. Järvsöbacken is Sweden’s 11th most popular ski resort with around 185,000 ski days per year.

The hotel will be constructed at the foot of the south ski slope in Järvsö. It will have 6 floors and 60 rooms for families, each costing around 2,000 SEK per day. The hotel is also to be constructed to a high degree of environmental sustainability. Around 30 people will be employed within the hotel and restaurant during the winter peak season.

The plans to build a second hotel in Järvsö have been developed in response to the existing hotel not being able to meet the demand for accommodation, particularly during the skiing season.

The hotel will be complete by the summer 2015 and will primarily be constructed by local companies in Ljusdal municipality. Tillväxtverket has contributed to the project with 10 million SEK and local investors with 50 million SEK.

“The new hotel is vital for Järvsö’s tourist development. It is the first large investment of several that are under development in Järvsö,” says Olle Fack, Chairperson for Destination Järvsö. The hotel is expected to attract more visitors to Järvsö, which in turn will benefit other local businesses.

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