May 9th, 2018

New data center to be established in Norrsundet

RACE-CAP is developing a new data center in a former sawmill in Norrsundet, 30 km north of Gävle.

The data center will create around 40 construction and development jobs, and 15-20 permanent positions. RACE-CAP Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in New York and Zurich that designs, develops, and sells hardware and software solutions for the blockchain and high-performance computer industries.

Gävleborg – world-leading data center locations

As the world uses increasingly more data, our societies need greater data processing and storage capacity. With 100% green and affordable electricity and opportunities for free cooling, Gävleborg county in central Sweden offers world-leading locations for both large and small data centers.

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Eva Lindberg, Gävleborg’s Regional Council Chairperson:

“We have a prioritized political objective to strengthen Gävleborg as an attractive county for companies to invest and create jobs. This RACE-CAP establishment is undoubtedly a concrete step toward this objective, and a good example of cooperation between municipalities and the private sector.”


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