January 30th, 2014

Järvzoo animal park to be equipped with high-tech cameras and sensors

The Järvzoo Nordic animal park is being equipped with high-tech cameras and sensors in cooperation with various ICT expert partners in Gävleborg.

The cooperation draws on regional expertise in fiber optics and sensors to enhance the experience of visitors to the unique Järvzoo animal park in Gävleborg. There are animal parks that have installed web cameras, but Järvzoo’s plans involve sensors and moving cameras to monitor and record animals such as bears and wolves. Virtual visitors will be able to follow the animals on helahälsingland.se.

The cooperation includes Fiber Optic Valley, Acreo Swedish ICT and Interlan, with financing from the development center IUC. Fiber Optic Valley is an innovation cluster based in Hudiksvall that works to make Sweden the world leader in the development of broadband and fiber optic sensor products and services. Acreo is one of Europe's top research institutes in the fields of electronics, optics and communication technologies, and institute has a fiber optic research facility in Hudiksvall.

Järvzoo would like visitors to be able to virtually visit the park before they visit in person. The technology will also enable them to virtually follow up their visit to Järvzoo via the web. Jens Larsson, CEO at Järvzoo explains, “for us, the actual visit and the animal park will continue to be the core of what Järvzoo offers. Technology is absolutely not the greatest experience. However, we are convinced that technology will allow us to be a more attractive tourist destination by publishing the park on the web and offering related services.”

“Without the innovation cluster Fiber Optic Valley and their knowledge of sensor technology this would not be possible. It is an interesting example of how our digital media investments create new types of cooperation and new markets,” says Gunilla Kindstrand, Chief Editor of helahälsingland.se.

Source: http://helahalsingland.se/ljusdal/1.6767279-djurpark-pa-webben-jarvzoo-fylls-med-kameror

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