March 21st, 2014

Innovative lightweight steel boat building company inaugurated in Gävle

Swedish Steel Yachts AB (SSY) manufactures ultra lightweight and durable steel boats using regional expertise. SSY’s boats incorporate a unique patented construction and a new type of steel that was developed by Sandvik and Outokumpu.

SSY’s steel boats are based on a completely new concept, which combines the extremely durable steel quality Super Duplex 2507 with SSY’s patented stringers. The company has held an inauguration ceremony today in Gävle, to celebrate its launch and its high aspirations for the future. SSY is currently developing its first prototype boat, which is scheduled to be completed in June 2014.

The lightweight nature of SSY's boats significantly improves fuel efficiency and the new type of steel avoids the need for environmentally damaging anti-fouling paints to protect the hull from marine organisms.

SSY currently employs 12 production and design employees at its premises in Gävle. The company has also drawn on local expertise where possible by creating partnerships with various regional partners and suppliers.

SSY is based at the premises of an old shipyard in Gävle. The company is proud to resume the rich tradition of ship building in the city and take it into the future.

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