September 26th, 2014

Innovative hydrogen fuel cell project initiated

Engineering company Sandvik is coordinating a project together with Sandviken Municipality to promote fuel cell technology.

The cooperation involves a pilot project with two fuel cell passenger vehicles, a fuel cell forklift truck and a mobile hydrogen refueling station located at Sandvik’s industrial facility in Sandviken. The project intends to put fuel cell technology on the agenda in Sweden, and to demonstrate the huge potential this technology has to offer.

The fuel cell vehicles will be used to transport visitors, customers and colleagues from around the world from the Stockholm International Airport to Sandvik’s sites in and around Sandviken. This will benefit the environment, whilst raising awareness of fuel cell technology both in Sweden and beyond. In addition, the vehicles will be on display at various events around Sweden. The forklift truck will be used for various lifting jobs at the Sandvik Material Technology site in Sandviken.

The vehicles have significant environmental benefit, as the emissions only consist of clean water vapor, and zero harmful emissions. Fuel cell vehicles are also considerably quieter than conventional vehicles due to their electric motor.

Sandvik sees the pilot project as the tip of the iceberg for fuel cell technology. The company will use the project to investigate the potential to use more fuel cell vehicles and to construct a permanent hydrogen gas fueling station. Such a station would be the first of its kind in Sweden.

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