April 6th, 2017

Hudiksvall loader company and their local retailers see strong sales

Huddig, which is a leading manufacturer of backhoe loaders, is experiencing strong demand for its latest model. The latest Huddig model – 1260D – is more efficient and environmentally friendly than the previous Huddig model.

This demand is also benefitting local Huddig retailers. One such retailer, Staffare AB, claims that the Huddig factory is almost already sold out for 2017. “If you were to order a Huddig machine next week, the delivery date would be at the end of the year,” explains Lars Staffare, CEO of Staffare AB.

Staffare AB has around 70 employees, 25 of which are based in Hudiksvall, but they will expand further. “We were 65 employees at the start of the year and we are now over 70,” says Staffare. “Our long-term plan is to offer comprehensive services from Stockholm to the north of Sweden.”

Huddig claims its machines are unique on the market with an articulating center pivot and customized wheels or rubber tracks that enable a Huddig to operate in almost any terrain. Huddig has manufactured more than 10 000 backhoe loaders since the production started back in 1959.

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