October 13th, 2017

Google’s land acquisition in central Sweden raises interest in Gävleborg’s datacenter sites

Google confirmed today that it had acquired a 109 hectare site for a potential datacenter establishment in Avesta Municipality – close to two shovel-ready sites in Gävleborg.

Google currently has no plans to develop the site in Horndal, but wants to ensure they can continue to expand their datacenter presence in Europe if their business requires.

The Horndal site is 42 km (26 miles) from the shovel-ready Tuna Datacenter site in Sandviken, Gävleborg, which is a perfect location for a datacenter or any other energy intensive industry.

A second site in Gävleborg 22 km (12 miles) from Tuna is Ersbo in Gävle. The Ersbo site also offers a shovel-ready datacenter site.

With excellent connectivity, green and low-cost energy, free cooling, world-leading ICT competence, good access to Stockholm Arlanda International Airport and a selection of well-suited sites – Gävleborg is the optimal location for a new datacenter.

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Invest in Gävleborg works together with Business Sweden, selected Swedish regions and corporate partners on a national partnership – Data Centers by Sweden. The partnership offers support with site selection and due diligence for strategic or large-scale datacenters.

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