March 12th, 2014

Gävle to host the Nordic East Africa Community Investment Trade Forum 27-28th May 2014

The Nordic East Africa Community (EAC) Investment Trade Forum has the aim of strengthening and increasing sustainable business between East African and Nordic countries.

The forum will focus on how to overcome technical, financial and cultural trade barriers by identifying trade opportunities, financial resources, knowledge and information resources. The forum will also include matchmaking opportunities between participants.

There will be a special focus on finding synergies between private and public partners. The attendance of political representatives will also provide opportunities to exchange ideas that will lead to a better trade and business climate between the regions.

The EAC consists of Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Ruwanda and Uganda, which includes 145 million people and has a combined GDP of US$ 98 billion.

The EAC Investment Trade Forum is open to any company, organization or investor interested in the various business opportunities between the Nordic countries and East Africa.

Birgitta Piippola, organizer of the EAC Trade & Investment Forum explains, “we are now looking for companies from Gävleborg and from the Nordic countries, and we plan to match them with companies and partners in East African.”

“East Africa is a place where investors can reap huge profits,” says - Muhammed M. H. Mzale, Ambasador of the United Republic of Tanzania and Dean of East Africa in Sweden.

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