October 13th, 2014

Gävle chosen for new personal tracking and alert pilot project

The project involves trialing a free app that can be downloaded and used by anyone to alert the emergency services and promote personal safety.

The app will be particularly useful for older, disabled or vulnerable people, who may not have the confidence to venture outside on their own. Studies show that 15 percent of Sweden’s population does not feel safe enough to venture outside on their own.

The app allows people who require immediate assistance to alert the emergency services or volunteers and inform them of their exact location with the press of a button. If something currently happens to people when they are outside alone, they have to either seek help from someone in the vicinity or call the emergency services.

The project is managed by the organization Landräddningen and the goal is to have 3,000 users in Gävle by 2016.

“We chose Gävle due to the significant engagement in geographic information to benefit society. We want to develop the Landräddning service and it seems natural to do it in Gävle,” says Henrik Essunger, Operations Manager, Landräddningen.

Future Position X is involved in the pilot project and initiated contact with Landräddningen, Gävle Kommun, pension organizations and Region Gävleborg. The cluster sees a direct connection to the Geo Life Region initiative, which is working to find new services, products and innovations to promote health and well-being.

Gävle will be the second city in the pilot project following Västerås.

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