June 14th, 2017

Gävle-based Aerogel receives breakthrough order

Svenska Aerogel has received its first major order for Quartzene®, with a 2 tonne order from South Africa.

Svenska Aerogel is a R&D company in materials technology that have been developing and now commercializes Quartzene® for various applications; primary Insulation, Paint & Coatings, and Filtration. Quartzene® is an insulation material produced with a flexible, environmentally friendly and very cost-effective method. Aerogel has its headquarters in Gävle.

Retailor DryTech Ltd from South Africa is testing the insulating properties that Quartzene®. Tests have shown that Paint&Coatings with Quartzene® on tin roofs greatly reduce the temperature of the space underneath the plate. The paint has also been tested to insulate pipes where heat from liquid substances in hot temperatures can be easily and cost-effectively insulated. Delivery is expected in June / July with a sales value of approximately SEK 300 000.

“With Quartzene®, we can not only achieve good temperature conditions, it also helps us to be cost-effective in our energy saving measures,” says Willie Coetzee, CEO DryTech Ltd. “It is very important and valuable for the South African struggle against global warming.”

This first major order is significant for Svenska Aerogel. But if Quartzene® proves to be successful, the global market for insulating coatings is estimated to be worth a total of SEK 74 billion in 2021 by Markets & Markets. For Svenska Aerogel, it means a market potential of approximately SEK 6 billion.  

“The fact that Dry Tech is the first to place a larger order of Quartzene® gives them a clear competitive edge with Quartzen-based products in South Africa. There is a great interest in our material, mainly in Europe but also in Asia and North America. We have today about 150 companies working on developing heat-insulating coatings based on Quartzene®. It’s all from small fast-paced companies to the global players like AKZO Nobel, Sherwin Williams, Nippon Paint, Wacker, BASF, Benjamin Moore, Kraft and Worlee”.  - Anders Lundström, CEO Svenska Aerogel.

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