January 8th, 2017

Concrete industry flourishes in Torsåker

Marklunds betongprodukter (Marklunds concrete products) is a three-generation old family company that is currently thriving in Torsåker, outside Hofors.

The company, for example manufactures high quality train station platform slabs, such as for the Stockholm commuter train platforms. “I live for product development and to ensure that our products are manufactured to a high quality and are affordable,” explains the current owner Magnus Marklund. 

Ideal to have a company in Torsåker
Magnus, together with his wife Madelen who manages the company’s finances, employ nine people. The company manufactures custom made concrete products, such as wall panels, balconies, other building components, elements for infrastructure projects and prefabricated items.

“It is ideal to run a company in Torsåker,” claims Marklund. “We have excellent relations with local tradesmen, builders, logistics companies, etc.”

Regional financial support for expansion
The company plans to increase its turnover and employ more people, and has received regional financial support to develop and grow. “It was a real boost for us to receive the support,” says Marklund. “It was easy to apply, and we simply presented what we wanted to do

The support from Region Gävleborg originated from the national government, and has been distributed by the regional authorities since 2015 to create opportunities for companies in Gävleborg and promote regional economic development.

News source (Region Gävleborg’s website – in Swedish)