August 26th, 2014

China’s largest GIS company to establish European HQ in Gävle

GeoStar inc, China’s largest GIS (Geographical Information System) company, is to establish its European headquarters in Gävle.

The establishment is a result of long-term strategic efforts by several actors in Gävleborg to increase cooperation and knowledge sharing with the Chinese market. Regional actors include Future Position X, Lantmäteriet, Gävle Municipality, the University of Gävle and the regional authorities.

Geostar will be officially welcomed to Gävle by the county Governor, Barbro Holmberg, on 27 August. Geostar’s presence is expected to create opportunities for the region’s small and medium-sized IT companies to enter the Chinese market.

“It is significant that two global centers for GIS unite in this way, both in China and in Gävle, which is home to world-leading competence in the field,” says the Governor of Gävleborg. “It is a win-win situation for both partners and I am both happy and proud that GeoStar has opted to locate its European headquarters in Gävle.”

"GeoStar's establishment in Gävle is a concrete result of several years work to help the region’s SME companies enter the Chinese market. This is significant for many actors in the region and proof that our collective competence and our hospitality meets international standards to attract global companies,” says Johan P Bång, CEO of Future Position X.

About GIS in Gävle
The Gävle area is home to Europe’s leading GIS research and development arena. Organizations involved in GIS include Future Position X, the GIS Institute at the University of Gävle and Lantmäteriet (the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority). Companies such as ESRI, Metria, Geomatikk and Swedesurvey have headquarters in Gävleborg, and this concentration of GIS knowledge and expertise has led to regional municipalities and companies utilizing GIS to improve their operations and processes.

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