March 9th, 2018

Blockchain companies look to invest in Gävleborg

Various companies around the world have expressed interest in developing Blockchain Processing Centers in Gävleborg in recent months.

Blockchain companies see Gävleborg as an excellent location to establish a processing center due to the region’s availability of inexpensive and green energy, free cooling much of the year, and a robust and reliable electricity grid.

“The welcoming and responsive approach to potential investments by our regional government and municipalities in Gävleborg is proving important,” says Sam James Cole, Business Development Manager at Invest in Gävleborg. “The selection of available and affordable sites and real estate suitable for processing centers is also a key factor.”

What is blockchain?
A blockchain is a continuously updated digital record of who holds what that is shared on a peer-to-peer public network. Each block of information in the ledger is linked and secured using cryptography, and verified by the network, which makes a blockchain highly resistant to hacking or fraud.

Blockchain is poised to revolutionize many aspects of our society – from financial transactions to land registry and voting. As global demand for the technology grows, we increasingly need Blockchain Processing Centers in locations with inexpensive renewable energy and free cooling. In this sense, Gävleborg has an important role to play in meeting this demand.

For more information
Prospective blockchain companies, and municipalities or private landlords with suitable available sites, should contact Sam Cole for more information on how we can help you.

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