April 14th, 2014

Biodiesel plant to be established in Norrsundet

The new biodiesel plant in Norrsundet, 40 km north of Gävle, will convert used vegetable oil from fast food restaurants into vehicle fuel.

The newly formed company, Colabitoil Sweden is currently setting up small-scale production at its Norrsundet plant. By the autumn 2015, it expects to be producing around 25 million liters of biodiesel per year and employing around 40 people. Colabitoil is investing 75 million SEK in the establishment.

The site in Norrsundet was previously a paper factory. Colabitoil currently rents 3,500 m2 of the facility at Norrsundet, which is around 10 percent of the facility’s total area.

The site is perfectly suited for a biodeisel plant. “The roof height is perfect for the catalyzers we will use to produce the biodiesel,” says Jan Nordlöf, CEO of Colabitoil Sweden. “The facility has previously been environmentally tested, and the sewage system is suitable for waste oil,” adds Christer Sundin, who is a member of Colabitoil Sweden’s board.

“There are enormous quantities of waste vegetable oil to be purchased from around the world,” says Jan Nordlöf. The oil is to be shipped to the Port of Gävle before being transported to the plant by train.

Colabitoil hopes that the environmental advantages of their biodiesel will be realized by potential customers. For example, Gävle municipality has the objective to ensure all its vehicles are free of fossil fuels by 2020. Colabitoil‘s biodiesel can support this objective. Colabitoil also see potential to sell biodiesel to construction companies and other industries.

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