October 16th, 2017

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook visits Iggesund Paperboard – Apple’s partner in sustainable packaging

Iggesund Paperboard has supplied high quality and sustainable paperboard for Apple’s Ipad packaging since 2005.

Tim Cook visited Holmen’s Iggesund Paperboard mill in Hudiksvall municipality, Gävleborg, last Thursday and met with Holmen’s CEO Henrik Sjölund.

"This has been secret for so many years, so it's nice to get some credit with his visit after more than ten years of development work together," says Sjölund. Apple is one of Holmen's five largest paperboard customers, as volumes of packaging for Apple have grown steadily since 2005.

Iggesund specializes in multi-layer paperboard made from chemical pulp, and produces 330,000 tonnes of paperboard each year. The multi-layer paperboard allows it to bend without cracking and perfectly suits high quality packaging for consumer products.

The iPad packaging is clearly important for the Apple brand and the whole Apple consumer experience. Many customers who buy an iPad save the original white box, which actually has cult status in the design world.

"Apple is extremely demanding and our partnership with them has certainly contributed to our product development," says Sjölund.

During the visit to Iggesund, Tim Cook got to see how Apple’s paperboard was made, and visited a forest where he planted some trees. In his own words on Twitter:
"A visit to the breathtaking forests of northern Sweden with @IggesundAB, our partners in innovation and sustainable packaging."

“We explained to Tim how we carefully manage our forests to absorb carbon dioxide by harvesting some trees and allowing others to grow. The harvested logs are cut into planks for house building, which stores carbon dioxide for 100 years, while chips from the sawmill are used for paperboard,” says Sjölund.

Thursday's visit was a recognition of Sweden's and Gävleborg’s forestry industry, which has developed a product that is very much part of Apple's offering, and the whole hype that goes with such a strong brand.

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